How to Make Money Trading the Nasdaq 100, It Starts with Patience

This Weeks Idea is all about making money trading the NASDAQ 100 and has two parts to this idea. Joshua Martinez, of Traders Agency, gives you advice on how to be patient while trading and he also gives you a possible 1,000 tick trading opportunity,

Why is patience important while trading? Without patience, traders often times, will enter the market too early. The number one sign of you being an impatient trader is you will enter traders that immediately go against you and have draw down, for a couple of candlesticks, and then will become positive.

This is a big problem because often times traders will see the immediate draw down and exit the trade. Once they exit the trade, that trade starts to become profitable. This is a prime example of entering a trade too early, due to not having any patience.

The second part of This Weeks Idea is a possible 1,000 tick move, within the Nasdaq 100. Joshua Martinez explains that the Nasdaq is reaching a crucial u-turn point. Depending where the market closes, we can expect a 1,000 tick bearish market move.

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